Current Research

Most of my research considers the many intersections between health and culture.  My current work focuses on the economic features of healthcare delivery and reception–how varying structures of insurance, hospital ownership, and funding affect patient experience and outcomes.  I believe that a system’s structure can affect what we consider to be disease, what treatments we think are acceptable, and even how we define health.  Cultural beliefs about what health is and healthcare should be, in turn, influence what healthcare systems are built and maintained.

My dissertation hopes to deal with some of these issues, using mixed-methods research that includes a longitudinal quantitative study of healthcare outcomes, text analysis of hospital websites, and interviews with key decision makers.

Research Experience

Program Evaluation, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta
I assisted in the formation and implementation of a survey to evaluate a component of CHOA’s Strong4Life program, which aims to combat child obesity by educating pediatric primary care physicians on new counseling techniques.

Research Assistant, Abigail Sewell
I cleaned, formatted, and analyzed complex home ownership data from a variety of sources under Dr. Sewell.